Convert existing machines from diesel to electrically powered equipment

Zero emission: that’s our drive!

Our society wants to reduce CO2 emissions as fast as possible. Different restrictions to reduce CO2 and nitrogen emissions are implemented by governments. These policies affect the construction industry greatly. Green Road Equipment (GRE) transforms, together with its partners, your used diesel fuelled road equipment (rollers, asphalt pavers and bitumen sprayers) to electric zero-emission substitutes. The refit of existing diesel machinery to electric road equipment is a circular concept. 

Circular concept

At Green Road Equipment we work according to a circular concept. GRE collects existing diesel powered machines from the client and disassembles the machine. We sandblast, coat and paint the frame. We reassemble the machine with reusable components, new components, E-kit and battery packs. Finally, we paint the machine in the client’s brand colours. A new CE certificate and construction year is added in compliance with the EU’s New Approach Directives. The original diesel powered engine is replaced by an electric engine. Using one of our zero-emission GRE machines is a step towards a circular economy!

“The nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions in (road) construction and our environment require innovative solutions. We need zero-emission road equipment to avert more delays and cancellation of road construction projects. Road maintenance in cities and vulnerable environments require the use of zero-emission road equipment.”

Why zero-emission road equipment?

Large battery capacity

Up to 10 operating hours

Cradle to cradle

Reduced noise and vibration

Healthier work environment

Sustainable way of working

100% electric powered engine


Contributing to a circular economy

Our sustainable vision

Green Road Equipment BV (GRE) was founded in 2020. Our main objective is to develop zero-emission construction equipment. We transform traditional diesel powered machines to electric substitutes. GRE is a forerunner in this transition. We are selling, leasing and renting electric road equipment to construction companies in the Netherlands.

The professionals behind GRE have been working in the road construction industry for many years. We are specialized in the rental, reparation, revision and trade of road equipment and highly specialized personnel. Sustainability and Social Responsibility is part of our DNA. In 2018, the owner of GRE was one of the finalists of the Sustainability Awards (MVO awards) in Nijmegen (NL). Our workplace is completely energy neutral. We also believe it is important to offer people with a distance to the labor market new opportunities.

Mission impossible?

The mission of GRE is to contribute to a cleaner environment by engineering and building zero-emission road equipment. We combine our extensive knowledge of road equipment with our expertise in the industry. With our innovative ideas, we are able to make a valuable contribution to the road construction industry. Our target is to refit all our diesel powered machines to electric, zero-emission equipment within five years. These machines can be rent individually or in combination with other road equipment needed at the construction site. We achieve our objective by working together with business partners in the industry.