About us

Our main objective is to develop zero-emission construction equipment.


We greatly value our knowledgeable, driven and enthusiastic team. Our entire team works towards a sustainable future.

The people behind GRE have been working in the road construction industry for many years. We are specialized in the rental, reparation, revision and trade of road equipment and highly qualified mechanics and operators. At GRE we have our own research and development department. We design, engineer, develop, test, review and offer support on all our machinery.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility is part of our DNA. Green Road Equipment values corporate social responsibility. In 2018, the owner of GRE was one of the finalists of the Sustainability Awards (MVO awards) in the Netherlands.

Our workplace is completely energy neutral and we reuse components, parts and raw materials when feasible. We contribute to a circular economy.

We believe it is important to offer people with a distance to the labor market new opportunities. We facilitate job coaching, team coaching and necessary knowledge and skills training. Our mechanics are qualified professionals and have successfully completed a high-voltage safety training (NEN – 9140: 2019).


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Electric roller: the future solution
Green Road Equipment team
Green Road Equipment team
Green Road Equipment team