A sustainable vision for the future

We are at the crossroad of history. To reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, a transition towards renewable energy sources is necessary. This is also the case in the infrastructure industry. Together with different partners, Green Road Equipment contributes to a sustainable road construction industry. We transform used diesel powered machines to new electric (zero-emission) road equipment.

Our vision

Green Road Equipment BV (GRE) was founded in 2020, its main objective is to contribute to a cleaner environment by engineering and building zero-emission road equipment. We combine our extensive knowledge of road equipment with our expertise in the industry. With our innovative ideas, we are able to make a valuable contribution to the road construction industry.

Our mission

Our main objective is to develop zero-emission construction equipment. We transform traditional diesel powered machines to electric substitutes. GRE is a forerunner in this transition. We are selling, leasing and renting electric road equipment to construction companies in the Netherlands.

GRE introduced in 2022 the first electric asphalt set on the market (roller, asphalt spreader and bitumen sprayer) and thus offer infrastructural contractors the opportunity to construct emission-free asphalt pavements.


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Why zero-emission road equipment?

Large battery capacity

Up to 10 operating hours

Cradle to cradle

Reduced noise and vibration

Healthier work environment

Sustainable way of working

100% electric powered engine


Contributing to a circular economy


GRE has access to a dynamic and experienced team of experts with a diverse knowledge and expertise in road construction equipment. Thanks to its experience, widespread network and our highly educated technicians and engineers, GRE is a perfect partner for the realization of zero-emission road equipment. 


GRE’s core business is transforming traditional diesel powered machines to zero-emission road equipment. Our aim is to refit all our own diesel powered machines to electric, zero-emission equipment within five years. These machines can be rent individually or in combination with other road equipment needed at the construction site. 


GRE has an extensive network of road construction companies within The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Road construction companies recognize the urge to produce a well-developed answer which meets the demand for environmental greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Electric roller: the future solution
Green Road Equipment team
Green Road Equipment team
Green Road Equipment team


Our knowledge combined with our practical work experience have laid the foundation to the development of our zero-emission equipment. Working at GRE offers you the opportunity to gain new skills and experience in an innovative and quickly changing environment. At GRE, there is always room for new initiatives and ideas. While we are working on the transformation of equipment, we are also developing other innovations in the field of zero-emission engines. We are distinctive in applying our innovative knowledge in our ongoing projects at the construction site. Our goal is to extend these new techniques to our total rental park of asphalt road equipment.

Our Challenge

Rollers and asphalt pavers have a high power demand which has to be provided over a whole working day. The challenge for GRE is how to make a battery large enough to meet the needed power capacity. A large power supply is required to guarantee the desired continuity at the construction site. That is why we also work with so-called “exchangeable battery packs”. These battery packs can be used as a ‘power bank’ in all the machines we transform.

Market potential

Road construction companies make the right decision to work together with GRE. We transform your diesel powered machine to zero-emission road equipment. We are currently building our own zero-emission machine park at GRE. Our equipment is available for rent. The optimal solution for the contractors who do not have the financial means to invest in their own electric road equipment. By renting one of the GRE machines every contractor can take up construction assignments without being restricted to the strict nitrogen regulations of governments. It is also possible to lease one of our machines, either financial or operational. Different financial institutions are willing to offer attractive lease constructions to make zero-emission road construction more attractive and accessible.