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Our mechanics and engineers disassemble the diesel engine of the three- wheel road roller. The diesel engine is replaced by an E- kit with a GRE battery – pack. Afterwards, the machine is reassembled and provided with a new CE- quality mark. Lastly, we spray the machine in the prefered brand colours.

Cradle- to- cradle method

Raw material prices keep going up. So why would we waste materials that are still usable? At GRE, we choose to re-use materials instead of discarding it.
Our client hands in their old diesel engine and GRE transforms it. We preserve the useful components such as chassis or rollers while the old materials are, in consultation with our client, replaced. Our mechanics and engineers reassemble the machine and accommodate it with an E- kit and accu- pack. Finally, the machine receives a new CE- quality mark, serial number and the new date of construction will be noted. Sprayed in the client’s brand colours, the machine is delivered to our client and ready to be in operation!


In our new working place, the machines of GRE are provided with technical servicing. Due to the necessary training modules our mechanics have successfully completed, they are qualified to work with high voltages (NEN – 9140: 2019). This is a vital skillset when working with electrically driven equipment. Our mechanics are familiar with the latest techniques and are ready to apply these to the equipment of our clients. With our repair service, we are able to offer 24/7 support and technical assistance to our clients.


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Why zero-emission asphalt processing equipment?

High range

Cradle- to- cradle method

Reduced noise and vibration

Building sustainable and emission-free roads

Working safely and healthily

Working safely and healthily

Favorable subsidy opportunities

Electric and hydrogen powered

No nitrogen emissions

Contributing to a cleaner environment

New and responsible way of working

No smoke gases that can be inhaled

CSR- MVO award

Green Road Equipment attaches special value to corporate social responsibility. This is, among other things, visible in the most literal sense of the word to the energy-neutral workplace and the reuse of raw materials.

Working in the workshop
Working safely and healthily
Workshop team